You feel young and energized – but when you look in the mirror, that drooping and sagging facial skin around your eyes, jaw, and neck can make your spirits sag as much as your skin. If you long for a way to turn back the clock without invasive surgery, the solution awaits you in Harrisburg: Ultherapy®, a revolutionary nonsurgical treatment for men and women that tightens and lifts the skin and underlying tissue.

For beautifully rejuvenating results, board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Gayner will meet with you personally to examine your skin and facial structures. This thorough examination enables him to customize your Pennsylvania skin care treatment so it’s perfect for you.

Reflecting their commitment to leading-edge techniques, Stratis Gayner Plastic Surgery is one of the first plastic surgery practices in Pennsylvania to offer this innovative new treatment. To learn more, Request a consultation with Dr. Gayner online or call our office at (717) 728-1700.

The Procedure

Ultherapy® works best to correct drooping and sagging skin on the face, particularly around the eyes, jaw line, and neck. Ultherapy® is a 30-minute procedure that uses your body’s own subtle healing response to gradually restore memory to the skin and its underlying tissue. During your treatment, Dr. Gayner uses ultrasound energy to cause the tissue below the skin to contract, gently and gradually building new collagen on the inside without disruption of the skin’s surface.


A Focus on
Facial Plastic Surgery

Board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Gayner has extensive specialized training in facial surgery and is at the forefront of innovative facial rejuvenation techniques.

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Recovery and Results

Most patients require minimal recovery time, using over-the-counter medication if necessary to maintain comfort after treatment. Immediately after the half-hour procedure, the skin begins to regenerate collagen. You can expect to experience the full rejuvenating benefits after about 3 months as collagen gradually rebuilds. Following treatment, you can enjoy:

We also offer a wide range of complementary non-surgical treatments for advanced skin care in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Learn more when you Request a consultation online or call our office at (717) 728-1700.

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A Reputation Built on Results

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