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Sleeping After Breast Augmentation

How To Sleep Comfortably With Breast Implants After Augmentation

Sleep is rarely on the list of issues to worry about when women consider getting breast augmentation. But most patients learn that getting a good night's sleep after their procedures can help speed the healing process and avoid compromising the results. I'll explain in this blog post why sleep is important after getting any cosmetic …

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The Ideal Implant: for Breast Augmentation

The Ideal Implant: A Natural Feeling Saline Breast Implant

There are many options in choosing breast implants for breast augmentation. A new option has recently been added to the mix: the IDEAL Implant®. This structured saline implant offers the peace of mind of saline with the more natural feel that you would normally get with a silicone implant. Breast Implant Options Breast implants can …

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Woman in red dress contemplating breast augmentation surgery

Answers to Common Breast Augmentation Questions & Concerns

For plastic surgery patients interested in breast augmentation in Harrisburg, Lancaster, Carlisle, and York, PA, one of the most common concerns I hear is uncertainty about what life will be like after surgery. Some women with active lifestyles are concerned about when they’ll be able to return to exercise, others worry about long-term back discomfort …

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