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The best way to find an experienced and skilled plastic surgeon for your procedure is by reading reviews and testimonials from actual patients. These reviews share how patients feel about the attentive care and excellent results they receive from board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. John Stratis and Dr. Scott Gayner, who serve Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, and Hershey, PA, and surrounding areas. 

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Best self-care investment that I have ever made. Dr. Gayner calmed my nerves, explained the procedure in great detail to me and even took the time to address my post-procedure concerns. My only regret is that I did not do this sooner!

Dr. Gayner was professional, friendly and the results were amazing! The surgery center was so clean and the nurses were so attentive.

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Great experience! Dr. Stratis is a true professional, and an artist. His staff is also incredibly attentive and caring. His nurse Ashley is wonderful too. If I ever need any more surgery, I know I'll be back!

Very profesional honest people I 100% recommend this place.

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I love this practice so much. I had a full Tummy Tuck in March 2020 and I look like I am 18 again in my abdomen after having 3 kids back to back. I have also had some microdermabsrasion and botox around my eyes. These doctors are skilled, kind and down to earth. They are realistic with patient expectations. The nurses are top notch--kind, compassionate and honest. Dianne and Ashley are the best! So funny and seriously down to earth. I have had nothing but a great experience with both doctors and the entire staff. If you are able to make the investment, I highly suggest Stratis Gayner. Best thing I've ever done for myself! And the only doctor office I love to visit.

I accidentally left a 2 star review, when I meant to leave 5 stars! If you for looking for any type of cosmetic surgery, I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Stratis. I just got breast augmentation done, and even though they’re still in the healing stage, I can tell that they’re going to be fantastic when they’re completely healed. I do feel like I paid way too much for my surgery, but each practice is different, and if you want a good outcome, sometimes it’s better to pay more and be happy, than pay less and come out with something you aren’t satisfied with. I was treated with the utmost respect, and I would highly recommend Dr. Stratis and his team, especially if you’re a cosmetic surgery “first-timer”

I've been a patient twice at Stratis Gayner. The visits were fabulous and pain-free. If you're like me and really hate needles, don't worry, because Dr. Stratis is an expert with them and I was numbed in seconds. His work was perfect each time and the price was really affordable. Cyre at the desk and Ashley, the nurse, were so courteous, professional, and customer-focused. What a great experience!

I researched Plastic Surgery and found 5 STAR Ratings on Google, Yelp, Facebook and much more! I had my consultation & felt that the 3D Figure on Breast Augmentation was amazing! I got try and feel different types of implants. I feel the silicone is the MOST natural. I did get to view BEFORE & AFTER Photos as well regarding tummy tuck, lipo, and lower back lift. I did receive all that I mentioned. Everyone in the office is courteous & make you feel comfortable for the pre-surgery appt. At the surgery appt that office also were courteous & made me feel reassured & comfortable. I’ve gone through three (3) post-op appointments & Dr. Stratis, nurses & non-clinical staff made sure to answer my questions & always on call if I have any questions. I never had doubts. I’m actually only two (2) days shy of three (3) weeks and healing very quickly & notice results & will continue to progress quickly with minimal swelling from liposuction. I’m going back to work & able to do what I did before surgery but feel more CONFIDENT & more proportioned which was my ULTIMATE GOAL! Thank you Dr. Stratis, Nurse Ashley & Staff. All of you are amazing & recommend them highly!!!! Happy Holidays & Happy New Year 2020!!!!! Best regards, Jennifer Henrie

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