Surgical vs. Liquid Rhinoplasty: Which Is Right for You? (Before and After)

Rhinoplasty: Surgical vs. Nonsurgical

When you’re looking into options for rhinoplasty, you may come across two procedural approaches to choose from: plastic surgery and nonsurgical injectables. Deciding which path to select depends on your unique goals. Injectable fillers can temporarily solve certain concerns, while surgery is required to fully address others.

With specialized training in facial plastic surgery, I have helped patients with a wide variety of concerns achieve their ideal noses with both forms of treatment. Based on my experience, here is an overview of which issues lend themselves toward a “nonsurgical nose job” approach and which are a better fit for surgical intervention.

When To Treat With Injectables

Injectable dermal fillers provide a solution for concerns like nasal humps. With this method, we fill in areas surrounding the bumps, bends, and other contour-related issues to soften their appearance and even out your nose’s shape. Although this technically adds volume to your nose, balancing out imperfections makes the overall size appear smaller. Learn more about nonsurgical rhinoplasty, also called liquid rhinoplasty, in this article from Medical News Today.

It’s important to note that treating with injectables provides a temporary fix. Depending on the type of filler you choose, you can expect the results to last anywhere from 3 months to 2 years as the product slowly dissipates.

In your consultation, we will discuss which product would best serve you and how long your desired results will most likely last.

When To Treat With Surgery

Surgery is a better fit when addressing more significant structural changes, like an oversized tip, crooked bridge, or a large bump. Patients looking to decrease the size of the nose or reshape the nostrils also make great candidates for surgical rhinoplasty. With this approach, improvements are permanent, though the recovery time is more significant. (You can learn more about surgical rhinoplasty recovery in our related blog post.)

You can see how beautifully the surgery can refine the look of the nose in my patients’ before and after pictures below:

Before & After Rhinoplasty Case 74 View #1 View in Harrisburg, PA
Before & After Surgical Rhinoplasty
Before & After Rhinoplasty Case 37 View #1 View in Harrisburg, PA
Before & After Surgical Rhinoplasty
Before & After Rhinoplasty Case 64 View #1 View in Harrisburg, PA
Before & After Surgical Rhinoplasty
Before & After Rhinoplasty Case 62 View #1 View in Harrisburg, PA
Before & After Surgical Rhinoplasty

Knowing the Difference

As a double-board-certified facial plastic surgeon, I’ve developed the expertise and knowledge necessary to determine the ideal procedure for patients with their specific goals in mind. When we meet for a consultation, I will examine your facial structure and discuss your concerns in order to make a recommendation as to which method would benefit you most.

If you have further questions about nose procedure options and which path may be right for you, please visit our rhinoplasty FAQ page. To see more real results from my rhinoplasty patients, you can take a look at our before-and-after photo gallery.

If you feel ready to take the next step toward your ideal look through plastic surgery in the Harrisburg, York, and Lancaster PA, area, I invite you to request a consultation or call us at (717) 728-1700.

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