Answers to Common Breast Augmentation Questions & Concerns

Woman in red dress contemplating breast augmentation surgery

For plastic surgery patients interested in breast augmentation in Harrisburg, Lancaster, Carlisle, and York, PA, one of the most common concerns I hear is uncertainty about what life will be like after surgery. Some women with active lifestyles are concerned about when they’ll be able to return to exercise, others worry about long-term back discomfort associated with a larger bust, and many simply want to be sure their decision will lead to positive results.

Thanks to advancements in technology and our focus on doctor-patient communication, there is little reason to feel uneasy when it comes to choosing this procedure. Here are a few frequently mentioned concerns about life after breast augmentation and answers I hope will dispel any fears.

Exercising After Surgery

For patients with active lifestyles, recuperation time is a major factor in their breast augmentation decisions. Luckily, patients are generally able to return to some exercise within a few days, cardio exercise after a month, and all other exercises after about 6 weeks. During your consultation, your surgeon will factor in your regular workout routines and offer their recommendations for implant sizes that will best match your lifestyle and accommodate your physical needs.

Back Pain

One of the most common reservations I hear from women is the fear of back pain associated with larger breasts. It’s all about proportion when it comes to preventing back discomfort and similar symptoms. Opting for proportional sizing that best matches your body frame will help ensure you feel as comfortable as ever with your new figure. It is very uncommon for breast augmentation to cause back pain.


Some women worry their new bustline will limit their future fashion choices, but your style shouldn’t have to change simply because your body does. Your surgeon will address your personal style and clothing preferences during your consultation to help you select implants that will create results compatible with the looks you love.

Uncertainty About Results

When you choose a board-certified plastic surgeon, you can expect dedicated attention to each of your concerns and a collaborative approach to selecting the optimal implant for your body and lifestyle. This includes providing you with a vision of what your results may be. Our VECTRA® 3-D imaging machine and wearable implant sizers allow patients to view virtual results of their procedure to help them take an active and informed role in their surgery plan.

To learn more about breast augmentation, I encourage you to browse our before-and-after photo gallery for images of actual patient results.

If you’re considering breast augmentation and are looking for a plastic surgery practice in the York, PA, area, you can take the first step now by requesting a consultation.

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