Facial Liposuction


If you're bothered by excess fat, it's probably not just in one area of your body. In fact, many people are concerned about excess fat on their face as well. Excess facial fat usually presents as a double chin, a thick neck or chubby cheeks. Unfortunately, losing weight might not get those face and neck fat deposits to go away. That's why Dr. Scott Gayner, a board-certified facial plastic surgeon in Harrisburg, performs facial liposuction for men and women.

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As a facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Gayner has the specific education, skill and experience to use liposuction in the smaller, delicate areas of the face and neck. He can ensure that your procedure is safe and produces an attractive result.

Facial liposuction should not dramatically alter the appearance of your face. Instead, it should refine your facial contours. Younger patients may choose the procedure because they feel like excess fat in their face and neck makes them look overweight when they are not. Older patients often choose to combine their facial liposuction with a face lift for both slimming and rejuvenation. If you would prefer a non-surgical alternative, we offer KYBELLA injections to reduce a double chin. Dr. Gayner can help you decide which is best for your goals.

Experience surgical or non-surgical chin fat reduction
The Stratis Gayner Pennsylvania practice strives to provide patients with safe, tailored, and effective approaches to address their concerns. Weight gain isn't the only possible cause of a double chin - so are genetics and aging. Often, losing weight and related measures aren’t enough, so fat cells must physically be removed. We provide immediately effective surgical solutions such as liposuction, as well as non-surgical options that take effect over a period of time, such as Kybella® and Ultherapy®.
Dr. Scott Gayner

The Procedure

Due to the development of technologically advanced methods of liposuction (such as Smartlipo and AccuSculpt laser liposuction), most facial liposuction patients in Harrisburg, PA do not require general anesthesia. Instead, the procedure can be performed under sedation and local anesthesia. Should the chin and neck require treatment, a small incision will be hidden in the crease below the chin so that it will not be noticeable. Through the incision, a tiny tube will be inserted, through which fat cells will be removed. The whole procedure should take less than an hour.




Recovery and Results

To protect surgical results and ensure a smooth recovery, Dr. Gayner recommends that his patients take as much time as they need before returning to work and their other activities. For most patients this is just several days. It's typical to experience some swelling and bruising, but this should dissipate almost completely after about a week to 10 days.

If you choose Dr. Gayner as your facial liposuction surgeon in Pennsylvania, you can rest assured that you will see results that look naturally slimmer and more balanced, especially if the rest of your body has been slimmed through diet, exercise or body contouring surgery. If you're interested in slimming your body as well as your face, Dr. Gayner's partner Dr. John Stratis is a body-focused, board-certified plastic surgeon and can discuss your body contouring options with you.


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