3-D Previews for Lancaster-Area Residents Considering Plastic Surgery


Women and men in Harrisburg and Lancaster thinking about plastic surgery can see for themselves how they would look with a reshaped nose or enhanced breasts, thanks to VECTRA® 3-D imaging now available at Stratis Gayner Plastic Surgery.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (June 2013) — A reasonable question for someone considering plastic surgery is "How will I look after the procedure?" A Lancaster-area plastic surgery practice, Stratis Gayner Plastic Surgery, (www.focusedforyou.com) has several ways of helping patients understand what results they can expect. With the VECTRA® 3-D digital imaging system, Pennsylvania plastic surgeon John P. Stratis, M.D., and facial plastic surgeon Scott M. Gayner, M.D., can give nose and breast surgery patients a virtual glimpse into their aesthetic future.

The VECTRA system captures a nearly 180-degree, 3-dimensional image of a patient. The plastic surgeon manipulates the digital photograph to simulate the final results.

"It's really a leap ahead in treatment planning," says Dr. Gayner, a board-certified facial specialist. "Before now, we could explain the results of a procedure or show patients before-and-after photos of other people, but it was still difficult sometimes for patients to imagine how they'll look after surgery."

Dr. Gayner says he's performed enough facial procedures to be able to mentally visualize a patient's outcome, but it's still a fantastic tool to have an image that he and the patient can both see and talk about. When patients can see their possibilities, it's often easier for them to point out what they like and don't like, and they end up being more satisfied with their results.

The system is highly versatile. At Stratis Gayner, the cosmetic team uses the VECTRA imager to take photos of each patient, then a surgeon discusses those photos and any features a patient might like to change. For patients getting nose or breast surgery, Stratis Gayner goes a step further, using VECTRA's predictive capabilities to morph the photos to show possible end results. The virtual alterations may include taking down a hump on the nose or showing how implants of various sizes will change the appearance of the breasts.

VECTRA 3-D imaging saves a lot of time and allows for a more meaningful conversation for the patient, says Dr. Stratis, a board-certified plastic surgeon who represents the body side of the practice.

"As the cliché goes, a picture is worth a thousand words," says Dr. Stratis. "I can try to describe what I'm going to do and how that will affect the appearance of the body in as many ways as possible, but that can never compare to an image. I can immediately bring the patient up to speed with a series of digitally rendered photos, and I can more clearly understand exactly what the patient is looking to achieve."

Patients interested in rhinoplasty or breast augmentation in Lancaster, PA, as well as York, Carlisle, and surrounding communities, can schedule a consultation for their VECTRA 3-D imaging at Stratis Gayner Plastic Surgery in Harrisburg.

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