Plastic Surgeons Comment on Benefits of Combining Procedures


Dr. John Stratis and Dr. Scott Gayner of Stratis Gayner Plastic Surgery say more patients are discovering the benefits of combining body procedures with facial cosmetic procedures such as BOTOX® in Harrisburg, PA.

Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania (August 2012) – The plastic surgeons at Stratis Gayner Plastic Surgery say they routinely combine forces to perform body procedures along with facial treatments such as BOTOX® Cosmetic for Harrisburg, PA, area patients.

Dr. John Statis and Dr. Scott Gayner say medical advances and the growing popularity of cosmetic treatments and surgeries have made combined procedures a growing trend among plastic surgery patients.

"We're seeing an increasing number of patients opting for two treatments in one appointment," says Dr. Stratis, who performs cosmetic procedures for the body such as breast augmentation near Harrisburg, PA.

The fact that Dr. Stratis focuses on the body while Dr. Gayner specializes in facial procedures, make their practice the perfect place for patients who are interested in both.

"Because of our unique symbiosis, our patients are able to take advantage of both of our specialties simultaneously," Dr. Stratis says.

Dr. Gayner says patients who are considering multiple procedures like this comprehensive approach.

"Our patients truly appreciate the possibility of a single consultation with the two of us," he says. "We can come up with one comprehensive plan for face and body without inconsistencies or redundancies, and the patient saves time by only having to make one appointment."

Dr. Stratis adds: "The fact that we can operate at the same time means less anesthesia, less overall time in the operating room and a reduced possibility of complications. And, with face and body procedures performed in conjunction, the recovery time is also reduced."

The two surgeons have been practicing together since 2007, when Dr. Stratis approached Dr. Gayner with the idea of combining their specialties into one team-based practice. Dr. Gayner provides procedures ranging from quick-recovery facelifts to rhinoplasty while Dr. Stratis performs abdominoplasty and body-contouring liposuction for Harrisburg patients.

Dr. Stratis says his idea to seek a facial specialist to work in conjunction with him sprang from an article he read in 2005. At the time, few practices across the country had taken this step. Based on the success of practices such as Stratis Gayner Plastic Surgery, however, the trend's increasing popularity is inevitable.

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