Microneedling in Harrisburg

Enjoy the Benefits of New Collagen in Pennsylvania

Sun exposure and the loss of collagen create fine lines, acne can leave behind noticeable scars, and your skin can develop an overall aged appearance over time, all of which can be treated with a simple procedure: microneedling. Harrisburg’s Stratis Gayner Plastic Surgery offers the popular treatment, which uses a series of tiny needles to create minute pinpricks in your skin, each of which triggers natural healing processes that repair the microinjury and the skin around it.

Microneedling kickstarts the production of new collagen, which revitalizes your face by smoothing lines, evening out pigmentation problems, and restoring a healthy, youthful glow. The process can take less than an hour, with results that visibly improve in the weeks and months after your treatment session.

Contact Stratis Gayner Plastic Surgery with questions about microneedling in Harrisburg. Call (717) 728-1700 or send a message online.

A Reputation Built on Results

Best self-care investment that I have ever made. Dr. Gayner calmed my nerves, explained the procedure...
Dr. Gayner was professional, friendly and the results were amazing! The surgery center was so clean...
Great experience! Dr. Stratis is a true professional, and an artist. His staff is also incredibly attentive...
Very profesional honest people I 100% recommend this place.
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