Breast Augmentation: Case 17

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Breast Augmentation: Case 17 Frontal Before
Breast Augmentation: Case 17 Frontal After
Surgeon : Dr. John Stratis
Patient Age : 26
Patient Gender : Female
Race : White
Implant Wall : Smooth Wall
Implant Placement : Submuscular
Implant Contents : Liquid Silicone Implants
Breast Incision Type : Inframammary

Full, feminine breasts can do wonders for the self-confidence of many women. If you aren't happy with the size or shape of your breasts, a breast enlargement in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania may be just the thing to help you feel confident and self-assured. If you choose a qualified, board-certified plastic surgeon, breast enlargement (or augmentation) can be a highly satisfying procedure that produces excellent results.

Dr. John Stratis is a body-focused plastic surgeon with years of experience performing breast enhancement procedures. He can help you choose between saline or silicone implants and guide you as you make other important decisions such as the size and the placement of the implant. To learn more about breast augmentation options, request a consultation with Dr. Stratis online or call his office at (717) 728-1700.

Patient is a 40 year old female who complained of small breasts. Pre-operatively the patient wore an A cup. Patient chose 300cc saline implants. Surgical incision was made just below the breast, in the inframammory crease. Implants were placed below the muscle.

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