Rhinoplasty : Case 2

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Rhinoplasty : Case 2 Frontal Before
Rhinoplasty : Case 2 Frontal After
Surgeon : Dr. Scott Gayner
Patient Age : 22

Nothing has a greater impact on how someone looks than the size and shape of their nose.  Cosmetic surgery of the nose should produce a result that looks natural and harmonizes well with other facial features. With a rhinoplasty in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, a very slight alteration is often all that is needed to achieve an attractive, balanced look. Dr. Scott Gayner is a face-focused surgeon with years of experience working in the delicate nasal area; he has the skill and artistic eye to make the fine adjustments necessary to create a beautiful nose.

Patient is a 22 year old female who complained of the "bump" on her nose. Upon examination Dr. Gayner, noted that the patient's nose was also over rotated and over projected. Patient had an open rhinoplasty with deprojection of the tip and rotation maneuvers. Patient exprienced 7-10 days of downtime.

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