What Is A Facial Plastic Surgeon?


Facial plastic surgeons begin their post-medical school training in the highly competitive specialty of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery, more commonly known as an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) physician.  A field with diverse opportunity, it attracts the best and brightest the medical field has to offer.  Their residency consists of a year of general surgery and an additional 4 years of head and neck surgery.  When most of us think of an ENT, we picture them inserting toddler’s tubes or removing tonsils, but this specialty is so much more.  One day they are doing microvascular surgery on various areas of the head and neck, another they may be an endoscopic surgeon working on the sinuses and throat.

A facial plastic surgeon continues their education with an additional year of Fellowship focused on Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.  This highly specialized focus was initially developed during World War I and II to try to correct the wounds of war casualities.  There are only some 40 Fellowships offered in the whole country. That’s right, Dr. Gayner was one of 40 surgeons in the country to be chosen for this very selective Fellowship. Today it has evolved into a field treating patients ranging from reconstructive surgery to purely cosmetic Facial Plastic Surgery.

Here at Stratis Gayner Plastic Surgery we choose to focus on the cosmetic concerns of our patients.  Whether your nose has a bump or you’re fretting about the signs of aging, there is nothing more important to Dr. Gayner than providing someone that sense of confidence they are seeking.

Dr. Gayner in consultation.

Cosmetic plastic surgery is one of the most dynamic fields in medicine today. The innovation of new procedures and products are announced virtually every week. The inception of Stratis Gayner Plastic Surgery in 2007 brought a unique practice to Central Pennsylvania with Dr. Gayner, a board-certified facial plastic surgeon partnering with Dr. John Stratis, a board certified plastic surgeon.  One to focus on the face and one to focus on the body.  With each physician dedicated to their specific area of expertise they can stay current on the latest developments and provide unparalleled expertise to their patients.

We look forward to seeing what we can do for you!

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