MACS-Lift : Case 6

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MACS-Lift : Case 6 Frontal Before
MACS-Lift : Case 6 Frontal After
Surgeon : Dr. Scott Gayner
Patient Age : 77

M – Minimal
A – Access
C – Cranial
S – Suspension

As you might guess from the name, because the technique requires minimal access to the underlying facial tissues, it is less invasive than a traditional face lift. However, the technique still allows Dr. Gayner to achieve a significant amount of rejuvenation, tightening the underlying tissue so that it rests in a more youthful position.

The MACS lift can achieve many of the benefits of a traditional face lift, including:

•Correction of the Jowls
•Fuller Cheeks
•Correction of Downward Turning Corners of the Mouth
•Tighter Neck
•A More Complete Rejuvenation

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