Face Lift : Case 3

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Face Lift : Case 3 Frontal Before
Face Lift : Case 3 Frontal After
Surgeon : Dr. Scott Gayner
Patient Age : 63

Aging of the face is inevitable.

 As the years go by, the skin begins to loosen on the face and neck.

  • Crow's feet appear at the corners of the eyes.
  • Fine forehead lines become creases and then, gradually, deeper folds.
  • The jawline softens into jowls, and beneath the chin, another chin or vertical folds appear at the front of the neck.

Heredity, personal habits, the pull of gravity, and sun exposure contribute to the aging of the face.

As the aging population grows, it is obvious why rhytidectomy has become the third most desired facial plastic surgical procedure.

Like this patient, you too can combat the signs of aging by having a face lift with Dr Gayner.

She is in her 60's and is very happy with her results and now recommends her friends to Stratis Gayner Plastic Surgery.

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