Noninvasive Fat Blasting

Sculpt Your Body Without Surgery

Liposuction is an effective and safe procedure for patients who want to get rid of problem fat, but it’s not the only solution. Stratis Gayner Plastic Surgery offers a range of noninvasive fat blasting options in Harrisburg, giving men and women alike the freedom to choose something other than surgery if they want.

Since diet and exercise reduce the size of fat cells, but not the number of them in the body, lifestyle changes can lead to inconsistent results. Some areas may slim down, while pockets of fat remain elsewhere—and bulges can return if given the opportunity. Destroying unwanted fat cells with noninvasive fat blasting ensures that targeted areas visibly improve for the long term.

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What Are the Noninvasive Fat Blasting Options?

Stratis Gayner offers:


Fat cells can’t withstand cold the way other tissues in the body can, which makes CoolSculpting® a consistently popular noninvasive fat blasting treatment. The device pulls heat out of the targeted area on the body, lowering the temperature in the region to the point that fat cells are damaged, but other cells remain healthy and intact. The impacted fat cells eventually die off and are ultimately eliminated from the body, resulting in an average of 20 percent reduction per session. This treatment can be used on areas all over the body, allowing for a customizable, completely nonsurgical fat-reduction plan.


Just as fat cells don’t do well with cold temperatures, they are also easily damaged by heat. Another noninvasive fat blasting treatment, SculpSure®, uses laser energy to heat up and destroy carefully targeted fat cells. As with other nonsurgical options, results are gradual. The damaged cells are processed by the body and eventually eliminated, with results appearing over the weeks and months following a treatment session.


This injectable for noninvasive fat blasting is specifically approved by the FDA to treat submental fat, which is the term for the cells that tend to cluster at the neck and cause a double chin. Drawing from the body’s own fat-processing abilities, Kybella® makes use of a chemical known as deoxycholic acid, found in the digestive system. When injected with precision into the submental area, a manufactured version of deoxycholic acid begins working on the fat cells there, dissolving their membranes and freeing the fat to be removed from the body by natural processes.

Dr. Stratis has developed his own weight management program called MAGPIE (Motivate, Assessment, Goals, Plan, Implement, and Evaluate) to complement the above procedures. Check out this introductory video for more information.

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Treatments to Complement Noninvasive Fat Blasting

Many patients find that fat alone does not cause problems they want resolved with noninvasive fat blasting. Loose skin, for instance, can contribute to a flabby look, and may be tightened with Ultherapy® as a standalone procedure or after fat removal. Cellulite, often associated with fat, is not actually resolved by fat reduction, but can be reduced with the nonsurgical Cellfina®.

Of course, anyone interested in learning about surgical options for fat reduction and skin tightening can reach out to find out more.

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