Breast Reconstruction


When a breast is lost due to breast cancer, it can add stress to an already difficult experience. With breast reconstruction, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania plastic surgeon Dr. John Stratis can recreate your breast to improve confidence and aid emotional recovery. Dr. Stratis is a board-certified plastic surgeon with many years of experience performing reconstructive and cosmetic procedures. He possesses the skill and experience requisite to perform various types of breast reconstruction.

To learn more about breast reconstruction, request a consultation with Dr. Stratis online or call the office at (717) 728-1700. Dr. Stratis can also introduce you to a group of women who are willing to share their experiences and provide support throughout the breast reconstruction process.

Dr. John Stratis

The Procedure

Because breast reconstruction can be performed after mastectomy or at the same time as your mastectomy, Dr. Stratis has developed close working relationships with oncologists and general surgeons. There are several techniques that can be used for breast reconstruction:

Vectra 3D Imaging

Drs. Stratis & Gayner are now offering Vectra® 3D Imaging, an innovative system that lets you visualize your problem areas and truly customize your cosmetic experience.


Recovery and Results

Recovery differs with each patient based on the methods used for reconstruction. Generally, there will be some swelling and discomfort after surgery that will fade over the course of several weeks. When recovery is complete, you should see a reconstructed breast that looks and feels natural. Although there will be some visible scars, they will improve over time.

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