How To Sleep Comfortably With Breast Implants After Augmentation

Sleeping After Breast Augmentation

Sleep is rarely on the list of issues to worry about when women consider getting breast augmentation. But most patients learn that getting a good night’s sleep after their procedures can help speed the healing process and avoid compromising the results.

I’ll explain in this blog post why sleep is important after getting any cosmetic surgery and provide some tips on how to sleep comfortably after breast augmentation.

Why Is Sleep Important?

It’s always a good idea to establish a regular sleep pattern and getting enough sleep after surgery actually has immediate health benefits. Here’s how sleep promotes healing:

Reduces inflammation: Within the general population, poor sleep habits and lack of hydration are linked to increased inflammation. Reducing inflammation following surgery helps the body heal faster, which is one reason it’s important to get enough sleep after breast surgery.

Improved circulation: Blood flow to muscles and tissues that helps heal damaged cells occurs during sleep. Sleep is essential for the body to recharge because your brain flushes out metabolic debris and the body is put into a deep healing state.

Reduced discomfort: Sleep’s impact on reducing inflammation is also related to helping minimize pain. Sleep can function like a low-level pain medication, making it important to find a comfortable sleep space after breast augmentation.

If you combined your breast augmentation with a tummy tuck or other procedures in a Mommy Makeover, it’s even more vital to get solid, sufficient sleep, as your body will be working hard to heal multiple areas.

How To Sleep After Breast Augmentation

Patients do sometimes worry about the sleep position that’s best after breast augmentation. Here are some tips:

Sleep on your back with your upper body elevated: During the first few weeks after surgery, sleeping in this position reduces swelling. As your breasts continue to heal over time, it becomes okay to sleep flat on your back. This helps preserve the desired results.

Avoid sleeping on your side: Sleeping on either your left or right side can cause the implants to become unnaturally shaped. Once scar tissue forms a capsule around the implants, sleeping on your side isn’t a concern.

Return to comfortable sleeping position: Once the capsule forms and your body is fully healed, you can resume sleeping in whatever position is most comfortable.

You can find more information about recovery after breast augmentation in our related blog post.

Tips for Sleeping More Comfortably

There are certain things you can do to help you sleep comfortably after your surgery:

  • Sleep in a recliner, if available
  • Use special pillows to elevate the upper portion of your body
  • Wear a supportive bra to ease discomfort during sleep
  • Use a firm mattress
  • Position pillows to prevent yourself from rolling over
  • Place pillows under the knees to create a natural curvature

You should also avoid drinking alcohol because it tends to disrupt sleep.

To get an idea of your potential with breast augmentation, view our gallery of real patient before-and-after pictures.

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