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Welcome to the Stratis Gayner Plastic Surgery Blog; Focused For You

In 2007, Dr. John Stratis (a general plastic surgeon) and Dr. Scott Gayner (a facial plastic surgeon) merged their respective practices to form Stratis Gayner Plastic Surgery. Our practice is unique: Dr. Stratis is focused only on the body, whereas Dr. Gayner is focused only on the face. This concentration on specific disciplines made it easy to come up with our catch phrase, “Focused For You”.

This understandably makes Drs. Stratis and Gayner experts in their respective field of interest. They are able to provide the best, most up-to-date care and treatment to their cosmetic patients.  Our office support staff also is trained in and focused on cosmetic plastic surgery care, from the initial contact to the discharge from our care.

Through this blog, we will keep you informed on topics regarding plastic surgery, other cosmetic concerns and treatments, new procedures and practices, our practice, and discussions regarding related topics.

We sincerely hope you will enjoy our blog and share it with friends, family, and other interested parties.

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