Freezing fat may get rid of trouble spots


From ABC 27
By Flora Posteraro

Harrisburg, Pa. – For some people, no amount of dieting or exercise can get rid of so-called trouble spots like hips, love handles and saddle bags. Doctors say they can zap the fat by freezing it with a procedure called CoolSculpting.

"The ideal candidate, man or woman, goes to the gym often. They are pretty fit but they have bulges here or there that they really just can't get rid of," said cosmetic surgeon Dr. John Stratis.

The CoolSculpting machine freezes the fat right under the skin. Dr. Stratis says the fat cells die and eventually leave the body. After about four months, Dr Stratis says the bumps and bulges will slowly disappear.

Twenty-five-year-old Jessica Tomlinson of Mechanicsburg has lost about 17 pounds, but she wants slimmer hips. She's hoping to get results with CoolSculpting.

"I just feel like I have love handles. I've always had them and no matter what I do, I can't get rid of them, so I just wanted to reduce them if I could," said Tomlinson.

There's no down time, no cutting and no pain with some gain but don't expect miracles. You won't lose a ton of weight and you may not notice a huge difference.

Forty-two-year-old Jason Bonney of Mechanicsburg had it done in October.

"With the results we've had, I feel better. I can see a definite difference with the pictures and I can feel the difference," said Bonney.

CoolSculpting costs about $750 per trouble spot, and since it's cosmetic surgery it is not covered by insurance.


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